Commercial Insurance

Insurance for your business

Commercial insurance policies were created to protect not only your assets, but also your employees and employers.


At Smart Insurance, we work to find the right policy for you, according to your needs and general requirements of the subcontractor companies. You can have a policy in your name or on behalf of your company, and if you do not have company, we will also guide you and register it.


You're wondering ...


What does a General Liability or General Liability policy cover?


Bodily injury, death and / or property damage to other people's property, which are derived directly from the operations you are performing as insured and are specified in your policy. Example: In the middle of your operations, a ladder falls and breaks a glass or hurts a person ... your policy pays for the damage caused.


What does a Workers Compensation or Workers Compensation Policy cover?


Provide benefits to your employees for injuries and illnesses that arise during and during employment. The policy can provide payments for medical treatment, temporary or permanent disability, and death benefits. Workers' compensation insurance is required in almost every state. Workers' compensation provides valuable benefits to your employees while protecting your business from legal incidents by taking care of your economy.


What is covered by an Auto Sales Policy?


Civil liability coverage for a commercial car covers you if you or an employee are responsible for an accident and there are injured people or property damage.


If your answer is yes to one or all of the following, you may be required to have a commercial auto policy:

  • Does your company rent, lease or rent any vehicle?
  • Do your employees drive vehicles owned by the company or that the company has rented?
  • Do your employees drive their own vehicles while doing business diligence?
  • Do you or your employees drive company vehicles, both for business purposes and for personal use?

Other services we offer at a commercial level are

  • Audits:  

    The insurers with the audits seek to have a regulation not only of the type of operations that you declared in your policy, but the accounting regulation of your company, that is, how much money you are making annually. Based on this, they decide if they maintain the same value of your policy or if on the contrary it deserves that it increases the value of it.

  • Insurance certificates:

    We take care that you have your certificates on time. Every company that hires you requires your insurance certificates, as quickly as possible to confirm if you are insured and can sign the contract.

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