Importance of the roof in Home Insurance

When we buy a house, we generally do not look at some things such as roofing material, but this, and other factors can influence when contracting an insurance policy.

Insurance companies calculate the prices that their customers must pay according to the probability of filing a claim in the future. In this sense, a metal roof is more resistant in the case of fire than a wooden one and will last longer than one made of ceramic or asphalt tiles.

The roof is very important to protect the structure and the interior of your home, an old roof is more likely to have damage that causes leaks. For that reason, a new roof lowers the cost of home insurance.

Another factor to consider is, as strange as this may seem, its form. The gable roofs and the flat ones are more expensive to insure than a hip roof because the latter is more resistant to the strong winds we feel so many times in the rainy seasons.

Roof care

To ensure that the value of the house does not go down over the years, we have to keep the roof in a good or excellent state. Periodic preventive maintenance work is very important and must be left in the hands of professionals. Be sure to inspect your roof at least once every two years and document it with photos every time you do it; it is always necessary to have the photos of before and after in case of a storm or other natural disaster. These will be a great help when you file a claim.

In Smart Insurance, we strive to offer you the best insurance coverage at the best price, and we can help you with professional recommendations for the care and repair of your home's roof. Throughout the ten years that we have in the insurance market, we have had as clients more than 5,000 companies in different areas, many of them in the construction field.


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